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    where i can purchase domain.
    I am new in affiliate marketing.As a affiliate marketer i want a dynamic web site.For this reason i need to purchase a domain.In Google i found lot of option for buying this domain.But purchase rate is fully different from each other.For that reason i have not understood which domain reseller is best.I want to buy this domain in low rate with best service..

    So any one can help me for purchase this.

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    Their are some many places to buy a domain name GoDaddy is a big one, most most places charge around $8 - $10 a year for a .com

    My only suggestion is to NOT Host and the same place you buy the domain keep the two separate.

    I also do not take advantage of Free Domain names with hosting packages but maybe that's just me. I do not want my host to have any control of my domain names.

    If you have any other question please feel free to ask. Good Luck!!
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    To what KSE said, I will only add that it's best to go with an outfit that has an established reputation, not whatever wheeler-dealer happens to be offering a lower price. For things like this (domains, hosting, etc), saving a dollar or two today will inevitably lead you to hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of headaches in the future.

    So I'll recommend Godaddy too.
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    I have been using NameCheap for 7 years and never had a single thought of leaving them. I have 140 domains there currently. Once you cross 50 domains you get about $1 off for domain registrations and renewals.

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    We buy our domains from ourselves through either of our two white label reseller programs since 2003 .

    Even our retail prices for .com domains are less than GoDaddy's retail prices...
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    I would recommend Enom. We are using their services since a long time and haven't faced any issue. Prices are are fair and domain control panel is easy to use …

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    I've used Bulk Register for a long time, premium price but robust service, I trust them.

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