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    What do you want in an affiliate program?
    The title says it all. What is involved in your "ideal" affiliate program? Please answer honestly and within reason. We'd all love 90% commissions and an endless list of coupon codes but what tools / practices would make you want to really get involved in a certain program?

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    I want a very high quality product that does what it is supposed to. Something a high percentage of people will buy.

    I would need at least a 20% commission. You guys would have to be willing to put a tracking code of my choice on your thank you page so I as an affiliate can track sales and even free trial downloads if you offer that.

    The affiliate link would need to redirect immediately, no 10 second delay before redirecting to merchants site.

    For example I'm currently an affiliate with kaspersky and they use onnetworkdirect as the affiliate network.

    The only issue so far is that my onedirect affiliate links takes as long as 10 or 20 secs before it even directs customers to the merchants website.

    I contacted them about this last Friday and am awaiting a reply.

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    Pay a fair/competitive commission rate, track sales reliably, and pay on time.
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