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    A company pays it's affiliates for leads and/or sales but not for clicks and charges merchants on it's site for clicks but not sales or leads. This means the site makes money for clicks but when an affiliates traffic comes to that site and clicks over they receive nothing although that affiliate might receive some money if the browser placed an order or registered with the site.

    I'm not sure this would be fraud, but to me it does not sound fair to the affiliates.

    What would you say?

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    Hello Jerry Haywood,

    Well .. this is a tricky question.

    Is it clearly stated in terms of agreement on payment structuring to the affiliate and the vendor fee structuring?

    It does sound fishy, but what little info that is listed for us to gauge an opinion is open to interpretation.

    The service does have to make a profit margin somewhere, and it sounds like the click fee to the vendor is where the guaranteed base revenue is coming from. The affiliates are not a sure thing, but the vendor clicks sure are. If they need to know where there pay checks are coming from, this would be a most desirable setup and fair if clearly posted to both sides. Team

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