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    January 17th, 2005
    Just found out that Inkjet experts is advertising with Gator. I was checking links with some of my merchants and Gator Pops up with an advertisement for (owned & operated by So any traffic I send to my merchants can be redirected to, thus I lose my commission on the sale. This is really low. I am dropping them as a merchant now & would encourage everyone else that is an affiliate do so as well. We need to send a message to these scumware merchants that we will not take this kind of abuse!

    Who's with me???


    ps. In case you were not aware. has been doing this for quite a while.

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    I would back you up up but I am not with inkjetexperts.

    I can tell you I have already dropped for the same reasons (I had planned a full store for them as well) I have also dropped one site and am in the process of dropping the other.

    Neither of these two companies seems to give a hoot for its affiliates unless their name is whenu or ebates. Despite many posts and emails to the AM's concerned they still allow the scum to overwrite and divert our affID's.

    Travel safe

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    Don't you have to have their program installed on your own puter to be able to see this happen?

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    SJS- ABWers have spend thousands of hours & dollars writing -lobbying and drafting resolutions to muzzle the BHO theftwarez folks. Last year at this time it was Morpheus, Gator and some others we uncovered openly stealing our commissions by swapping affiliate ID#'s. Some of the perps have cleaned up their act and new one popup weekly. Read over the older posts and we also offer advice on good merchants who help us fight the theftwarez crowd of Duper affiliates.

    Charlie ...

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    January 17th, 2005
    After 400 clickthroughs for Inkjet Experts a few months ago and ZERO sales, I dropped them. They suck. Other merchants do much much better, so there is no reason to use cheats and liars to try to make money in this area.

    Andy Williams

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    I have drop inkjet expert since last 2 mth, I usually have good conversion with them until the last few mth. They are affiliated with ebates too

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    I had one sale with a commission of $57 which was reversed due to "invalid credit card". Since google is due anytime now, think I'll let it get another month of listing then replace the page with a redirect to one of my other ink cartridge merchants, at which time I'll drop inkjet experts.

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