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    January 17th, 2005
    On Feb. 14th I joined the reseller program. In Feb we generated 114 clicks and $129.80 in revenue.
    In March 180 clicks and $249.60 in revenue
    April almost 600 clicks but only $99.85 in revenue with the last sale on April 19th.
    Thus far in May 188 clicks, no sales.
    On April 27th I contacted them to ask them to check my links to make sure they were coded correctly.
    They offered to close my account if I wasn't happy. When I got upset about this they blocked my email and ignore all inquiries.
    On May 10th I signed up with as a PanicWare reseller and in a week have generated 4 sales.

    1. Is it just me or is something wrong here?
    2. Anyone have a similar experience with this company?


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    Sounds like a scam too me, Not only that but it says page can't be found when I go to ? inc.
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    Its actually
    Sharon Housley
    NotePage, Inc.

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    My name is Mike Burda and I am an account manager at eSellerate.

    Sharon is correct. The correct domain is (not If you are sending e-mails to, we are not receiving them and the owner of that domain is not forwarding or bouncing them.

    Further, if you are using buy links direct from your site, you are not taking advantage of the strength of the eSellerate affiliate system. The strength of the eSellerate affiliate system is our eST program which allows you to track sales directly from the application.

    I would be happy to speak to you more about eST, eSellerate' affiliate program or eSellerate in general. I would be happy to post responses directly to this board or to anyone individually that has a question.



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    Hi and Welcome to ABW! :WELCOME:

    YES, the eST program is indeed a powerhouse, just goota fix the affiliate sign up bug

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    "eST program"
    The problem with your est program is that you have to download the vendors software on your computer, to check and see which shopping cart program the vendors are using, if it's not eSellerate's shopping cart, no sales can be recorded. That's alot of (unknown) software to download, just to check the shopping cart(which can change at any given time). I did ask eSellerate if there is a better way and they said no.

    Been with eSellerate for 2 months nosales, not with eST program, or otherwise, maybe others have had better luck. O' and there is no tracking for clicks or impressions, just sales if any. And I'm still looking to get that first sale.

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