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    January 17th, 2005
    Pharmacyrx is not a much of a friend to affiliates, I would watch who you promote.

    They sent me this spam email this morning that ended like this...

    Affiliate Manager
    Rx Medical One, Inc.

    I checked out the first site on the list, and see that they are stealing images from my site at

    Please don't promote this scam artist, they are looking to bring in affiliates and cant even afford their own images?

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    January 17th, 2005
    Zarm I also am with you in another affilliate program....take a deep breathe here now..and really think this over..pharm_boy...has been nothing but upfront and bent over backwards for me and a few others..I truly believe all he says....and Jessica...knows what she is talking about..I am sure you can come to some type of agreement with pharm_boy..he ALWAYS ANSWERS and email within minutes..he AlWAYS TAKES YOUR PHONE CALLS..dont know him personally....but feel like I have known him for quite some time...try and work this out....I understand your dilemna...but if your are correct about the image..then give them your papers and I am Positive pharm_boy will make things right

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