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    Anyone who sell debt consolidation leads privately should watch out for a Company out of Northport NY called Nation Debt Counseling Corp or NDCC (ndcdebt dot com) that is run by a Sean Q. Hawley. I let him slip behind on payments by listening to his promises and now I am out almost $20,000 I have had to contact debt collectors and have over $17,000 in nsf cheques from him. I am sure he is actively looking for fresh leads as I was his primary source so be careful with this outfit.

    Should have known better than to listen to a professional sales person )

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    Thanks for the heads up as this guy will spamm affiliate lists.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Sounds like a nice guy. NOT!

    Thanks for the warning...

    Good luck recovering some of the money due, an NSF payment adds insult to injury.


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