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    I would think that merchants sure would not want this kind of article.

    "To parents interested in buying the popular Hooked on Phonics learn-to-read programs, the company made a firm promise on its Web site: It would never sell or rent their personal information to other marketers.

    But that pledge was empty. In the pages of a marketing trade publication, Gateway Learning Corp., the product's California-based parent company, was advertising to rent the list of Hooked on Phonics buyers to other marketers.

    At a price of $95 per 1,000 names, companies could arrange to have unsolicited advertising sent to 105,936 people who bought Hooked on Phonics in the past year. Included in the information made available to other marketers: ages of the buyers' children."

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    They're not the only outfit I've seen do this, but really this makes them the worst kind of scum, alongside the very lowest form of spammers.

    What's worse is that these addresses leak out and get recycled over and over until six generations down the line they're sending your children bestiality spam.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> In marketing parlance, opt-in means that consumers have not specifically asked to be removed from mailing lists.

    Hummm....Didn't CJ just hook up with some outfit?

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    SSanf, yes they (CJ hooked up with Topica. I had my mailing list with them for about a week a few years ago. My members started complaining about all the spam, and I found out that my list was not just my list, but Topica felt it could send all kinds of spam to my members too.
    There have been a lot of complaints about them.
    I got my list out of there fast!

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    Thanks for the information, Just joined : Hooked on Phonics at cj. They will be dropped right now. thanks for the info! sell my info and see no sales!

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    The article cites Hooked on Phonics, and Citibank, oddly both utilize Gator for advertising. Why are we surprised that they wont honor a privacy policy?

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