I am having an interesting battle with the folks behind the 'RailKey' program - wandrian.com

They owe me $43 from a booking made over 2 years ago!

They originally owed me two outstanding commissions - the one mentioned, plus another for $20 - after several emails they finally agreed to pay me, but when the cheque arrived, they had only paid the smaller amount.

Now, they won't even respond to my emails anymore - I have emailed everyone in the company I can find.

I know $43 is not much - but I am going to continue pestering these people out of principle - it makes me mad when people try to rip me off.

Has anyone else had dealings with these people - and can anyone recommend a rail booking program that actually pays out?

I am using RailEurope at the moment - but I am only converting at about 1 sale per 1000 targeted clicks - what a joke!