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    FTC posts an informational page at
    about "How the FTC Brings an Action"

    The page includes a link to File a Complaint
    (the url I last bookmarked was:$.s..._ORG_CODE=PU01

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    When affiliates are not paid, this is FRAUD, not a bad business practice, but FRAUD. This is like a bank owner skimming a few cents off each transaction to the tune of millions total - this guy (or gal) goes to JAIL if caught. Merchants that don't pay small-time affiliates their $5 due end up doing what that banker does - they USE our time, talents, web space for FRAUDULENT FREE ADVERTISING and collectively get millions if not billions of dollars of free ads. It is time to report this crap! If we suspect fraud, we should have a friend do test purchases as evidence, and then report to the FTC. When a few of the big time crooks do some jail time, I think we will all see some better EPC's!

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    The FTC will not do anything unless there are a lot of reports. So, it would need to be on broad scale.

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