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    January 18th, 2005
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    September: 7 sales (5 reversed)
    October: 7 sales (3 reversed)
    November: 9 sales (3 reversed)
    December: 3 sales (none yet reversed)

    Of the reversals:
    Reason Other: 11

    I have contacted their affiliate manager in the past, and he informed me that they reverse transactions that come from their existing customers that re-signup in hopes of getting the sign-up bonus. But, it still troubles me that 40% of transactions are reversed (and I'm going to assume that a few more November/December ones get reversed as well - so, 50%).

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    January 18th, 2005
    far far away....
    there is a lot of fraud in sportbetting..

    just be glad this reversed sales are being reversed before you check is cut...

    I one had to give back moneies I had already been paid...

    (not from this program)

    The way i see it.. is like this... everyday I go to my mailbox to clooect my mail and their are checks in the mail is a good day...

    I dont pay much attention to the stats of the affilaites programs shown on my sites...

    if I dont get a check within 3 months I check the stats to see weather or not I was agetting any clicks..

    then I make a desision about continuing..after 6 month I drop the program and replace it with a different one.. hopefully, one that will convert..


    SHH... I'm tryin to sleep...

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