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    Jailbreak an iPhone
    Has anyone done this. A friend gave me his iPhone 3G so I could try it and Verizon tells me only the 4G/S are available. Has anyone tried to jailbreak an AT&T iPhone over to Verizon and what are the drawbacks?

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    3G iPhone won't work on the Verizon network regardless of jailbreaking (different technology).

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    OTProf is correct, they use different type networks (think AM verses FM), jailbreak it all you want, the phone has the wrong type transmitter if it was made for the US market

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    it's actually GSM vs CDMA. Basically most networks' phones use a SIM card but Verizon's do not (except for the world phones which use both to offer GSM coverage where CDMA does not exist).

    That's not jailbreaking though. It's unlocking (which requires jailbreaking unless you purchase a non-locked phone from Apple). Cell phones as a rule are locked to certain carriers, but unlocking them allows to work for others.

    and yes, when I had an iPhone, I did this so I could use an AT&T iPhone on T-mobile, but it also made it not possible to use 3G, I was limited to Edge service.

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