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    Some time ago I suggested a wire written by top publishers, a $ prize to the best articles would be a nice idea.

    CJ wires usually lack of examples, real numbers and good strategies.

    May be the CJ Wire is in the objetive plan, so someone has to write something, just to achieve the goal, but really I believe that it has very little value...


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    They should send a link to ABW in every CJ wire, publishers will learn a LOT

    "Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals" - The Tathagata

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    Top publishers?..

    Offer advertiser commissions back to customers in the form of a rebate, encouraging them to be loyal to your site, and bypass any other publisher's links when making a purchase.

    When that is not enough, develop a client side application which ensures credit is given even when no action is taken on part of the customer.

    Develop client side application which blindly changes any affiliate ID found into your own, and keep any sales generated.

    Hows that for a start? For what they may write..

    Merchants: Do you realize that some of your affiliates are being paid commission on sales which you have paid for via PPC, offline advertising, and your targeted mailings?

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    with this email ad tool I think they will step by step transfor us from their publishers to customers.


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