Early in the year I made a major upgrade to my site, featuring one merchant with a good commission and reasonably long cookies.

Gradually the sales built up to the point where I was receiving thousands a month in commissions.

The reported clicks also built up to a far greater number than I was sending each day, so I assume that repeat visitors were registered as clicks on my account via the cookie.

I also assume from the evidence I have that either search engine bots were filtered, or they were only counted once each day, not amounting to very many clicks. So I don't see these as a factor.

Then suddenly, very suddenly, the clicks dropped right off, the sales dropped, and the commissions dropped down to the low hundreds from previously thousands. I can pinpoint the day when this happened.

My web stats showed no change when the drop happened, neither did my Goodle ad stats.

Discussions with the merchant did not come to any reason for the drop.

After much thought, it has occured to me that perhaps the merchant stopped tracking my repeat visitors through the cookie. So all I got was sales closed 'on the spot'.

This would account for the sudden drop in sales and the sudden drop in clicks (assuming repeat visitor clicks were registered to my account, which I believe they were).

Whether this is intentional on the part of the merchant, or a fault in their system I don't know. Communication is very slow, which always makes me worry.

I would appreciate any comments, or perhaps similar experiences.

P.S. I might be a newbie in this forum but I've been doing affiliate programs since they were invented!