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    Professional Services Affiliate Programs
    I looked for professional services programs in several networks and found virtually none. Yet, for national service firms like law firms they are using every other conventional and internet marketing outlet. So why wouldn't a national firm in law or accounting or others use performance marketing?

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    I can't speak to other professions, but the answer is simple regarding legal referrals.

    The law in virtually all states is that it is a felony to pay or accept any compensation for the referral of a client to any attorney. The attorney is also subject to disciplinary action by the state's bar association, and that can be as severe as disbarment, as well can criminal sanctions that can (and often do) include jail time.

    There are two exceptions to these rules. One attorney can refer a client to another attorney for compensation or under a division of fees, and a legal referral service, certified under state law, can make referrals for compensation. It is a rigorous and expensive process in most states to become certified as a lawyer referral service, and an online service would have to be certified in each state in which it refers cases.

    Also, some states, such as in California, do not allow for-profit certified lawyer referral services to refer individual cases for a specific fee. Rather, an attorney would pay a fee to be listed on the service for a set period of time, and their name would be put in a rotation to receive referrals as their name comes up throughout that period. There can be no guarantee as to number or quality of cases, or even if any of the referrals will actually result in the referral of any worthwhile cases. The few services that qualify in California and engage in this type of service charge substantial fees. However, the vast majority of lawyer referral services in California are non-profit, and are generally part of local bar associations, such as the Los Angeles County Bar Association Lawyer and Information Service. Such non-profit services generally charge a small service charge to the potential client, and collect a percentage of any fee the lawyer ultimately receives from the client.

    Thus, such a service would have to comply with rigorous state laws to even exist, and then would face the question of how to compensate their affiliates according to the law of the state in which each referral occurs.

    That said, there was one outfit that tried an affiliate program for legal referrals a few years ago, but they were not around too long.
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    Thank you for such a thorough and detailed response. I appreciate the time you saved me.

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    Impressive answer I must say.
    I just wish the world didn't have a reason for so many lawyers, although I know many go to become politicians, I think after eating their young

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