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    Summit thank you's
    I want to thank a number of people for Affiliate Summit West 2012:

    First, to Affiliate Summit. Thank you Shawn & Missy for the scholarship program without which I could not have attended. As amazing as it may seem, I still have some drink tickets left over. Can I use them in New York?

    Next, thank you to my "veteran", Wade Tonkin, in the Newcomer Program. I could not have had a better match. Thanks for all the good advice.

    Thank you to all the speakers at the sessions I attended. I felt like I came home with a Masters degree in affiliate marketing.

    Thank you to Paul and Chuck for dinner Monday night during the BCS Championship game. I gained 2 pounds.

    To Missy and Loxly, thank you for the high 5's at the karaoke night. 18 years ago nobody knew who I was at the stage door without the mask. Never signed a program. Just got in the limo at the end of the ally and went back to the hotel to do laundry and throw a frozen dinner in the microwave (over 100 times in total). I have never had a frozen dinner since then. Chinese anyone?

    To Priscilla: Thanks for the duet. You are the most beautiful and vocally talented girl I have ever sung with (and that is saying a lot). I felt 20 years younger. Unfortunately, that would still probably make me old enough to be your father. This ugly old goat had a blast. Thank you.

    Lastly, thank you to Caesar's Palace where I did more walking, climbing stairs and standing than I have in recent times. Most of that was due to continuously being lost and not being able to find my way to where I needed to be or even to find my way out of the damn place to get back to my hotel across the street. My thighs and calves have each grown a couple of inches. I'm getting too old for this s___t!

    For those of you who have never been to a Summit, you need to go if you are serious about your business. You will see this industry in a completely different light and gain a sense of its totality.

    And my last "thank you" is to anyone who has read this far. We both need to get a life.

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    And my last "thank you" is to anyone who has read this far. We both need to get a life.
    I still read here from time to time but it seems to me we both have a life - and pretty good ones at that. But you also have great vocal talent.
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    Thanks Bill. Never done Karaoke before. Fun stuff. Hadn't sung in a long time. Thought I would take one last shot at it.

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    Glad to hear you made the most of it - hope to see you in NYC!
    Affiliate Summit - Las Vegas on January 10-12, 2016

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