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    With click through's consistently 150-200 per day, sales for the past month or two are nearing a record low. Hardly any at all, even with this time of year.

    This is a 3-4 yr old shopping site with high ranking pages and updated promotions, more than in the past.

    Maybe I should check out if something more suspicious is going on; how do you know if commissions are being intercepted by another party?

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    Same here with 500+ click throughs producing the lowest commission in 5 years. I'm sure the "incent site" cookie stuffing sites combined with the huge growth this year in non CoC compliant BHO's are at work like Christmas Grinches. But I doubt they can account for the complete drop in network reporting for honest domain bound affiliates. My take is the AM's are employing clickstream datamining applications and stealing the affiliates best keywords and spending their time doing house account SEO/SEM to pay for the forced cookie thievery and up non-commissionable sales.
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    "click through's consistently 150-200 per day"

    Is that to one particular merchant, or distributed to a number of merchants?

    If one merchant, I'd ditch it.

    If distributed; 7 clicks here, 11 clicks there, etc., I'd say you are doing pretty well if you get 1 or 2 sales a day.

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    several merchants

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    Today I had about 268 clicks to a single merchant link, and not a single sale. I don't know what the deal is either. If even a fraction of those turned into sales I'd make some nice commissions.

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