Sister Mary was a Nun at the Convent of Perpetual Silence. The Nuns were not allowed to speak except for a meeting held with the Mother Superior every 5 years.

At her first meeting, Sister Mary was escorted into Mother Superior's darkened chamber office. Mother Superior said to Mary, "My child, it's been 5 years since you first came here. You may now speak 2 words."

To which Sister Mary responded, "Hard bed."

Mother Superior, somewhat surprised by the response, replied "I'm so sorry, I had no idea. I'll see to it you get a new bed immediately."

That task done, another 5 years passed. Sister Mary's second meeting was also held in Mother Superior's chambers. "Another 5 years have passed since you last spoke, and you may now say 2 words." Mother Superior said.

Sister Mary hesitated and spoke two words: "Cold food."

To which Mother Superior responded, "Mary, I'll speak to cook immediately about this."

Another 5 years passed, and once again Sister Mary met with Mother Superior. "You may speak 2 words, Sister Mary," said Mother Superior. "It's hard to believe that yet another 5 years have passed since you last spoke."

At this point, Sister Mary spoke her two words: "I quit!"

To which Mother Superior replied, "Well it's a good thing, since you came here all you've done is *****!"


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