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    Affiliate vs CPA what's the difference?
    Hi Guys,

    New to the industry, looking for help promoting my site and I've come across terms "affiliate" and "cpa". They seem just about the same to me, can anyone enlighten me on the differences?

    I dont have any physical products that I'm selling and offering commission on. To begin I'll just be running some lead gen fill out my form type offers. Not sure how to begin...

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    Its easy to confuse CPA with Affiliate Marketing as there is cross over. CPA which stands for "cost per action" is offer based marketing which can include lead gen (lead generation). For affiliates (also called publishers) a CPA deal pays quickly which means the merchant (also called the advertiser) has to pay quickly. This allows spammers, black hat SEO and adware to be employed. By the time the spam is caught the campaign is already paid out. There is honest CPA but it is hard to find.

    Affiliate Marketing is either retail based or lead gen. You can offer a single sign-up or purchase like a Netflix sign-up but generally you are talking about online stores. Pay out through an affiliate network or in-house program takes about 60 days to an affiliate as the sale is confirmed the month after made. Then the merchant must pay the network who is paying the affiliates.

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    Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for sharing such a nice information here. I am totally agreed with you and want some guidance on affiliates.

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    You could learn more about affiliate marketing on this thread: The Magic Bullet Thread - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum then you could head over to ABestWeb Affiliate Academy - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum and learn even more.

    All the best!
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