I'm looking for someone to invest into and operate my startup.

It's part of a 30 billion dollar per year brick and mortar industry that to this point has never had a hand in the Internet. There's ample room for a substantial affiliate program to be run as well.

The person I'm looking for would have measured success in startups online, substantial funds to ensure success and be willing and able to build a team necessary to put the business into action. You can call me at 1(920)373-2529 immediately for details.

A few comparibles to help you gauge the scope of this would be etsy.com craigslist.org, ebay.com etc. etc.

I personally would like to become a nearly silent partner in the project. The concept I've developed is one of a kind utilizing the latest tech and imo will be a major force in pushing the retail part of the Web into the next phase.

If you feel you would be able to produce results and have had past experience in producing a major Internet resource than I'd like to talk as soon as possible.

Be prepaired to tell me exactly who you are and prove what you've done. I do not require a NDA signed or anything else but I do need to know who you are before we will talk. Thank you