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    Lightbulb Wholesome software
    Which would be the features of a wholesome software?

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    That's rather vague, can you define what you mean?

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    A software which would deliver a complete solution without breaking monopoly rules. Something like windows with Site Build It included instead of front page express. Or any other idea that could add wholesomeness to a software. Which software is a wholesome? Also macintosh's apple, but here I mean something simpler that could be wholesome in its services but cheaper too. Any software with any synonymous adjective. Is there any?
    I searched for WholeSomeSoftware and there is an LLC but its site is down. That was just a thought. I don't know more..

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    Saver, Wholesome Software would be software that promotes healthy living or well being, not all inclusive software packages which is what I think you're looking for. And while MacIntosh apples are certainly wholesome, Apple's Macintosh is a computer, not a software package.

    Try searching for "Software Suites" as opposed to "Wholesome Software", perhaps you'll get better results.

    Good luck.

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    well being
    Wholesome Software would be software that promotes healthy living or well being, not all inclusive software packages...

    Yes, that's true! Thanks a lot. I agree that it is a better connection to healthy living - well being, instead to an excessive all inclusive software package.

    So, it could be a software for those who like to follow wholesome practices in their diets. Something that converts calories and other useful data while it provides information relative to healthy living such as like an authority website, let's say Mercola, NaturalNews, etc. but with more built in features?

    Another question rises.
    A wholesome software as said before or one about general wholesomeness in life? In the second case, there is more modularity, or am i wrong?

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