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    Bridge Collapse in Western Kentucky
    Last night the Eggner Ferry Bridge that crosses Kentucky Lake, at Kenlake State Park, in Western Kentucky, collapsed when it was hit by a cargo ship that was 85 feet wide, 317 feet long, and 32 feet high.

    It about 15 miles from where I live. What a mess.

    It will stop all barge and tow boat traffic that goes through KY Lake from New England to the Mississippi River.

    The cargo ship was carring empty rocket cases for NASA.
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    I hope no one was killed or injured. How major of a bridge is that? Will it shut down the area's traffic or is there other routes? We've had some recent bridge construction in this area and it paralyzes the cities.

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    Sorry to hear that. Having lived near the Missouri River it seems to happen more often that you would think.

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    There were cars on the bridge but they were not on the two spans that fell and were able to stop and no one was hurt.

    Here's some pictures: Photo Gallery: Eggner's Ferry Bridge collapse | WPSD Local 6 - News, Sports, Weather - Paducah KY | Local

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