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    Possible LS Merchant Feed Issues
    This is just an FYI to check LS datafeeds if you see sales dropping like dead fruit flies. It may be a datafeed issue which can be fixed.

    Awhile back, I discovered an issue in PopShops with a merchant, that many of their links went to "out of stock" or discontinued product pages.

    I wrote to both PS + the aff mgr., with many example links. It took quite a few emails, but the aff mgr. confirmed that these items were removed from their datafeed & she didn't understand why they were still appearing. She finally discovered that it was a LS issue. PopShops pulled the feed while it was being resolved, which took a few weeks.

    I joined another LS merchant program & discovered the same thing. Again, it took a few emails + sending example links to get action from the OPM, & she is now working out this issue with LS.

    P.S. - It might be a good thing to mention that other LS merchants have had this issue to help prompt faster action.
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