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    Hi , I'm new as a Merchant (Consumer electronics) on ShareAsale. After maintaining it for 3 months. I've got bottleneck on it. I have no idea how to improve it, but the sales and revenue just dropped down.

    I routinely posted 10~15 Deals weekly and also updated Banner & Textlink.
    But what I can see on the report is that most of the transactions come from
    some really old Banners and links. Does it mean that my new postings is useless ? Also, I've tried to visit some of the affiliates that result in transactions, but finally could' nt see where my promotion posted on the affiliate.

    By the way, I've try to apply for the affiliate to see my competitive's posting
    but could'nt pass the applications.

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    They biggest key to any affiliate program is communication, communication, communication.

    When you put up these new deals are you sending messages/newsletters through SAS to let the publishers know about what's new? Have you tried contacting any of your top sales drivers to find out what they need in order to promote your offers?
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    Are you adding them to the deals database?

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    As for me, I use only one link to the main page of merchant's website. I takes a lot of time to check the deals section, so I check it only if I get the message from merchants.

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    Keep in mind you took over the program during peak retail season...

    Having said that, it's already been suggested here, but you need to communicate with your affiliates. As a publisher, I receive 100+ emails every day, it isn't easy to get noticed right away, but consistency does pay off.

    I think part of the drop may just be the post-holiday slowdown, which is something we all experience (if you compare month to month).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancee View Post
    By the way, I've try to apply for the affiliate to see my competitive's posting
    but could'nt pass the applications.
    Is your program on auto-approve? Because their's isn't for a reason. The first wave of applicants to an affiliate program isn't always the best. Do you have any terms of service in place? Your affiliates are most likely cashing in on your brand name and not adding true value to the program, yet.

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