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    Customers at a restaurant in Santiago, Chile, complained after the chef served a main course of fried rat with potatoes. Brushing aside criticism from disgusted diners, chef Marco Barandarian said the rodent dish was popular in Peru. "The meat is red and tastes much better than rabbit," he said. "It is like pork and we serve the whole rat, head included."

    Mourners paying their respects at a chapel of rest in Belgium were distracted when a dead man's mobile phone started ringing inside his coffin. The distraught relatives of the late Marc Marchal lodged a complaint against the undertaker after the incident. They were gathered around the coffin on the eve of the funeral when Mr Marchal's phone rang. The undertaker opened the coffin to pick up the phone.

    A Florida woman who has talked in an English accent since she had a stroke is said by experts to be suffering from a rare condition known as 'foreign accent syndrome'. The Sarasota Herald Tribune reported how Ms Judi Roberts suffered a stroke while doing a crossword. When she recovered the power of speech, she started talking in a higher-pitched English voice.

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    Before the invention of the fridge, Americans used to include a large variety of critters in their diet. The problem with cow is that the meat goes bad before you eat it all. You can toss a squirrel in the pot and get a tasty soup. If you had guests for dinner, you might go down to the bog and shoot one of those #$*@ flamingos.

    It would probably be better for our society if we ate small critters rather than big know, the whole bio diversity thing.

    The problem with rats, of course, is that rats live around people and end up becoming poisoned by all of the poisonous things we do.

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    Thanks for sharing JJJay! I think?

    Strange stuff to read on a Saturday, guess its better than cartoons.

    SandraR<FONT face=Arial size=2>


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