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    I'm really terrible at remembering jokes, but forunately I remember this one and doubly fortunately it can be adapted to suit many situations and is great if there is a common "enemy" - a boss, whatever ...

    A man dies and goes to heaven. He's getting the tour from St Peter but mainly he is struck by the fact that everywhere in heaven there are clocks. Suspended in mid-air, sitting on little tussocks of cloud, everywhere clocks.

    He has to comment on it to St Peter, who tells him: "Those are the clocks of life. Everyone on earth has a corresponding clock up here that measures out the span of their life. When the clock stops ... they're dead."

    The guy's amazed - "I had no idea, there are lots of stories about heaven, but never have I heard a reference to these clocks. So, every single person has a ..." His voice trails off as he notices one of the clocks whizzes round a whole hour in a split second "whoa - what happened there?"

    St Peter answers: "Ah, yes, erm, well, that means the owner of that clock down on earth has just, er, how would you say ... pleasured themselves ... every time you , er, shall we say pleasure yourself it costs one hour of your life and your clock whizzes round one hour."

    The guy can't believe what he's hearing "So - you had a clock for me up here?"

    St Peter: "Yes"

    The guy: "... and you have a clock for my friend [fill in the blank]?"

    St Peter: "Yes"

    The guy: "and [fill in another blank]?"

    St Peter: "Yes"

    The guy: "Hey, wait a minute ... do you have a clock up here for [insert name of victim]?"

    St Peter: "Yes - we use that one in the kitchens as a fan"

    Are you Crazy?

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    Good one.

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    I sent that out to some friends and filled in the blanks. Got some calls with the giggles!


    SandraR<FONT face=Arial size=2>


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