Hello Everyone,

AffiliateManger.com is excited to announce a new addition to our family, LearnandMaster.com! Most of you already know this award winning program (Affiliate Program of the Year - ABW) but just in case, here is brief description:

Learn & Master by Legacy Learning Systems has one mission which is "Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach." In a world of cheap, over-hyped, "Learn This Overnight" instructional videos, Legacy Learning Systems was founded to produce truly comprehensive multimedia training courses for those who want serious instruction in the comfort of their own homes. We believe that learning should be fun, unintimidating and systematic, with each new skill building on the previous one.

What sets us apart?

1. Average commission over $40 and average sale of $163
2. Pay Per Call Tracking (Get Paid on Phone Calls)
3. Lifetime Cookie - NEVER expires!
4. Frequent promotions, coupons, and sales
5. Parasite-free program exclusively on ShareASale
6. Special incentives for top performers

Network: ShareASale
Commission: 20%
Cookies: Never Expires
Datafeed: Yes

Sign Up Here: ShareASale.com and Legacy Learning Systems

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.