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    How many charge backs can you get?
    We do very little credit card charges for the business, we are web based, but given our format, most of our clients still pay with a check.

    We did get one charge back last Nov, and it went over the 1% threshold that both Visa and Mastercard state is their policy. But they never shut our account down. We have less than 100 transactions a month.

    From what their policy states our account should have been shut down. Are there other factors they take into account? Is it because we have so few transactions?

    Any feedback would be appreciated!



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    Card processors also take into account the length of time you have been in business, the length of time you have been using them as a card processor, your credit history (often based on the individual who opened the account), and the risk factor of the industry you are in.

    Appears you may be considered "low risk".

    What are your concerns, why do you ask?
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