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    Dear Haiko DePoel,

    While feeding my face during the Thanksgiving holiday and picking bits of turkey out of my teeth (it is considered to be ok to do this in the south, even in front of guests. Also, it sends a clear message to the host - there will be some leftovers!), I noticed this section titled the Daily Chuckle. I was perplexed by the idea that the title of this section of your forum bares a resemblance to my good name. AND according to my lawyer, may be grounds for a lawsuit. He brings to your attention the US Supreme Court landmark decision, Bubba Jones vs. In this decision the justices sided with Bubba. Read it an weep, Mr. DePoel! They had to remove their bubbalicious forum, and you will have to do the same with the Daily Chuckle. Me, and my lawyer are suing you, and the moderators!

    [above is a prelude to Big Chuck's, you might be a redneck]

    you might be a redneck

    If the hand-me-downs you wore as a kid include your older siblings reversable underwear... you might be a redneck!

    If you attend family reunions to find a date... you might be a redneck!

    If your idea of conservation and recycling is reusing condoms... you might be a redneck!

    If the town veternarian, and your family doctor are both the same person... you might be a redneck!

    If there are tread marks on the back of the turkey you served for Thanksgiving dinner... you might be a redneck!

    When showing off your newborn child you hear comments like, "what the hell is that!", and "where did that come from!"... you might be a redneck!

    If one of the electives they offer at your school is Swine Production... you might be a redneck!

    If what's under the hood is cleaner than the rest of your car... you might be a redneck!

    If cousin Bobby, and uncle Bobby are the same person... you might be a redneck!

    Big Chuck
    Why do some affiliate networks continue to enable parasitic technology providers to STEAL my hard earned revenue?

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    Ah yes but the case of Snarling RabidCo vs Daisy shows that cows are not liable for this type of trademark infringement. So basically you can go and squeeze my udders.

    "All your commission are belong to us." - Slimeware Corporation

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