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    Question Callback problem.
    I just registered a merchant account on SAS.

    My site accepts payment by both Paypal and CCNOW. But CCNOW does not callback which means customers completed the whole transaction can not be returned back to my checkout success page. CCNOW checkout success page only has a button to return to my home page.

    Therefore, can SAS trace a sale in this situation? If not, do you guys have any solution or recommendation? My shopping cart is Zencart.

    BTW, I submitted a support ticket to SAS 3 days ago how come I still have no reply?

    Thank you!

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    It's strange that there is no call back option on the CCNOW check out page, is there no option to enable it from there end? As far as I am aware without the call back and return to your thank you page with the tracking pixel embedded there is no chance for the tracking to work. SAS may have a work around, but I'd contact CCNOW too and see if they can activate a call back for you in order to get customers back to your own site.


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    same problem
    we have several payment methods of which some do not require the user to return to our shop. e.g. - you can configure it to show a button to the user to return to the shop - however the user does not have to click it Order release happens asynch (server to server), but calling the SAS link there will not help because its not in the context of the user, correct ?

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