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    Accepted by top merchants?
    I have joined a few Affiliate Networks... But, have found it difficult to get accepted by top merchants. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated...
    (just seems like merchants that pay the better commissions and have higher conversion rates are hard to get accepted by...)

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    My advice would be not to worry about it. Just build a site that starts to generate income and you'll soon be in the position to get whoever you like on your site. As soon as merchants know that you are doing some good business, they'll come to you. And then YOU get to pick and choose!

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    Try finding contact info and reaching out to some of those top merchants to find out their process and what you can do to get in. Sometimes starting that conversation will be all it takes.
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    I agree with Marsha. And if other affiliate managers are like me, they don't really answer their phones unless they have a call scheduled at that time or they recognize the number. E-mail is my personal favorite contact method while at work because I can flag it and prioritize it among my other daily tasks.

    Keep at it, Bob.
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    I agree and if I decline and affiliate that circles back asking for approval they have a 99% chance of getting it.

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