On A Retirement Budget?

With the stock market falling apart and the interest rates headed south, I had to change my lifestyle. That Social Security check sure comes in handy! The money market now pays just 1.5% and my cash reserve is beginning to shrink. I've cut back on travel, eating out and other fun things. I now shop more conservatively and often visit Walmart for bargains.

The purpose of this message it to alert you to other advantages of shopping at Walmart. Recently my old J. C. Penney underwear had acquired many holes, but I had continued to wear it. Being frugal and inventive, Walmart solved the problem. I have saved money by using a new and low cost underwear. I just wanted to share this with my other retired friends who are living on a budget.

Please see the attached photo which will explain this new, low cost solution for underwear. Spread this around. Others may be interested also! I may have started a fashion revolution!