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    If you reply to this topic today thank you and now, go away and don't post another reply in here again for 30 days.

    I made this page for teasing you into replying with at least 100 bytes of text, because I will earn 5% of knowledge commission on those bytes in your first reply only.

    [every byte = 8 bits and a sequence of 8 bits = enough to represent one character of alphanumeric data.]<small>

    <big>So if you are planning to type a few bits of text now and latter reply with 10KB (10,000 bytes) of text, please input your 10KB first and then go away. Remember that I will only get a commission on your first reply and that you must reply within 30 days of reading this post.

    By the way, if you don't see some textual matter display here, make sure that you don't have the white text over the white screen background enabled by default.

    Now I will like to say thank you very much for your visit, your time and your first reply (make it a BIG one), once again, don't visit this page for 30 day after your first reply. Feel free to browse around the entire site since I have hundred's of other pages where I will get a knowledge commission for every <small><small>Sale
    </small> #%$@# ., (sorry the mouse got stuck) for every reply.</big>


    I don't know who was the first with the Action = 1 time only but even in Baseball you have more options of making a hit, ( 3 strike + 4 balls = 5 chances of at least getting to first base) plus unlimited chances of making a homer with the unlimited supply of fair foul ball's.

    Yes, (3 + 4 = 5)

    3 strike + 4 balls = 5 chances at bat before you are out. (But that is another subject), I give you permission to steal my 5 ball's chances at bat theory, but don't hijack my one time in 30 days topic.

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    3 strike + 4 balls = 6 not 5

    Steps up to plate

    Swing and Miss - Strike 1st chance
    Outside Pitch - Ball 2nd chance
    Swing and Miss - Strike 3rd chance
    Outside Pitch - Ball 4th chance
    Outside Pitch - Ball 5th chance
    Full count at bat 6th chance
    Unless you keep fouling it then more chances.
    Plus if you keep feeding them cookies, actions are unlimited.

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