Ok, I have been doing affiliate pay per call marketing now for about 9 months yes i'm new at it but anyways as a affiliate your are to drive calls into a call center by placing banners and ad's online right? yeah but you get very little R.O.I for your advertisement money by placing ad's on Microsoft & Google,( maybe i'm doing it wrong after all i'm new) so I contact a merchant about generating call's and ask " can I use a inbound call center to generate calls for my campaign" they said yes so I ended up hiring a call center and got 300 call's generated with in 7 days for there campaign. Now the Merchant (who i'm not going to say there name) is trying to say that it was not approved and I will not get paid for the calls. So I still have all emails from them saying that I could do it so I send it to the network saleaad and they did pay me for the call and kicked the merchant off of their system. my whole point is I have never had a network stick up for me like this and never seen a network kick an merchant off their system like they did.