Leap Year Promotion – Huge savings for Bitdefender US and UK affiliates

In case you didn’t know, 2012 will be a leap year and to mark 29 days in February, Bitdefender have a smart tidy offer for their affiliates to push – a site wide discount, promote all Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security 2012 products in US and UK locales regardless of licenses variation at 29% off.

This offer is valid until March 15th 2012, so take advantage now!

Below are the coupon codes that you will need. These work on both the US and UK bitdefender stores for the eligible products.

Antivirus Plus 2012 Products - Coupon code 29%OFFAV
Internet Security 2012 Products – Coupon code 29%OFFIS
Total Security 2012 Products – Coupon code 29%OFFTS

Remember, the US and UK programs are separate so affiliates will need to sign up to both and pick up the right creative for their desired locale.

To send users to these offers, pick up the desired Leap Year Promo creative from the OneNetworkDirect Interface. Go to Get Coupons and use the filters to find the right program first Bitdefender for US and Bitdefender UK for UK. Alternatively, go the Get Links and use filters to find the right banner.

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If you have any questions or queries about our Affiliate program, then simply contact us via bitdefenderaffiliate@digitalriver.com

The BitDefender Affiliate Team