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    Commission change
    Not sure if everyone got this (who is a coupon or deal site) but Barnes & Noble has reduced commissions for these types of sites from 6% to 1%.

    "We are writing today to inform you of changes being made to the Barnes& Affiliate Program. Effective March 1st, we will be reducing commissions for coupon & deal sites from 6% to 1%. This is being done in consideration of the overall growth & success of the program, and will help us run our business more profitably while still giving the ability to work with our valued partners.

    Your new offers will kick in starting March 1st. Please make sure to opt-in to your new offer by March 9th. If you do not opt-in to your new offer, this would result in removal of your site from the program, so please make sure that when your new offers are extended, make sure to opt-in the latest by March 9th.

    We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing the valued partnership we share with you. If you have been classified as a coupon & deal site and you feel you are not, please send an email to"

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    B&N can take their 1% and shove it, this will just help affiliates promote Amazon over them.

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    Another joke offer, I'll be dumping them.
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    In my opinion B&N is one of the worst programs for affiliates. They have terrible return days (A fraction of a day) and their commission structure stinks. I'm not sure why affiliates choose to give them web space on their sites. Amazon provides your customers with a great product line, better commissions for you and better prices for your customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bibby View Post
    In my opinion B&N is one of the worst programs for affiliates.
    To me the worst part of their program is the pervasively promoted order online and pick up in the store system, where affiliates receive NO COMMISSION despite creating sales for B&N.

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