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    Question Best way to reverse-engineer a page's SEO
    Looking for some thoughts on how to learn more about what makes a particular page "super" in the eyes of the search engines. If you see a page (not yours) at the top of the search results and you want to figure out why it's there, what are some of the things you look at to understand the page's SEO strengths? What on-page and off-page factors do you look at and which sites do you use for the research?

    superCool usually does a cursory review of the page itself, but rarely goes beyond that to look at how the page is linked within the site and how the site/page is SEOed externally. What are some of the things to look at?

    All ideas welcome! Thanks in advance

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    First we look at our search term/phrase and see how they display it on their site and the frequency. Are they using H1/H2 etc tags to highlight that term/phrase.

    Then the URL, page title, meta descriptions are checked for that term/phrase.

    We also look at:

    Their footer: is their website URL on each page. Internal links carry weight as well.

    Age of their website: How long has it been active in it's current capacity and how long is the expiration date from today. Longer a site has been a specific site and the farther out a site's expiration date is adds weight to the domain.

    Even check the number of backlinks from time to time, but we don't put too much effort into that. Backlinks can be faked, bought, manipulated. Backlinks to specific product pages is better than to the home page of a site...
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    In addition to what Convergence have shared, I also try to check the keyword density of 1% or at least see if the keywords are within the first 50 words of the article. And if the article flows naturally.

    You could also check if the site is optimize on the following

    1. Backlinks from relevant sites (use good anchor texts)
    2. Alt Tags
    3. Page Title
    4. Proper & appropriate use of heading tags
    5. Meta tags
    6. Internal navigation
    7. Number of pages in site - it would be good if the site would have at least 20 high quality articles with 400-600 words per article. This shows visitors and search engines that the site is of value and that the articles have fully covered the topic.
    8. Fresh content

    All the best!
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    Age of domain and how long it is register to are also a minor factor.

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    If you are a WP user then the Yoast SEO plug in guides you with meta tags, alt tags for images, keyword density, English readability and much more.

    Highly recommended.
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    Not yet mentioned here is ads. Number and placement. If you have a high number of ads or affiliate links on your page, relative to original content, your page may = a dud in the rankings.

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