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    January 18th, 2005
    There're no way in hell that I will post my Picture on ABW, specially after BradleyB post this:

    "Sal, if you are older looking than Chez's avatar you are an old fart."

    The only problem I had before with the Chez Noir avatar was that every time time that I saw the Simpsons cartoons, I was forced to think about Chez Noir, but now that BradleyB made that comment about me, I have to be looking for a plastic surgeon ASAP.


    I must work on my pages, search engines are coming soon.

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    Well at least you don't have this guys problem. Seems he can't afford a decent haircut so he must go to one of those student haircutting discount places for the 2.00 job.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I'll take that haircut any day, as long as it comes with his financial situation!

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    People get a haircut and put on a suit when they go to a job interview or need to get a loan from a bank manager.

    I don't think Sir Bill needs to get a haircut.

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