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    Anyone use WP All Import to get datafeeds imported to WordPress?
    I build datafeed-based affiliate stores using a custom solution I had developed using PHP. Not being a programmer, I am tired of having to go to a developer to make minor changes to my sites. Due to the cumbersome nature of this I would like to switch to WordPress to build these sites since I use WordPress for everything else.

    My question is, has anyone here had any experience using WP All Import or DigitalQuill's datafeed plugin with CJ datafeeds? These are the two products I was able to find that looked decent. From the demo video on WP All Import's website it looks significantly more powerful than the DigitalQuill plugin Datafeed Import Plugin for Wordpress.

    So far what I have been able to gather is that WP All Import can automatically update my WordPress sites if the datafeed on CJ is updated; this really caught my attention as DigitalQuill does not. Also overall WP All Import appears to be generally more customizable. Now the DigitalQuill product did seem a bit simpler and easier to use, but with that it really gave an impression that it didn't do much.

    I want to get smooth running WP-based datafeed sites up ASAP.

    So if anyone has any feedback on the products or recommendations I would be thoroughly grateful.
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