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    I have a supplement hook up! No!

    Don't stop reading.

    I really made a legitimate friend who manufactures any and all pill, capsule and powder supplements. He is not the top of a pyramid he is a manufacturer. He has offered to help me get out of the rat race. He said he will custom make and front me whatever quantity, product and custom label I need to push product. The supplements are very high quality and he will even custom make me a product if I want.

    At first I thought it would be fun to start a supplement website with multiple supplements. But given time restrictions I thought I would make this a strictly making money thing. So...Why not go to the source. I have seen the power of affiliate marketing and have decided to design what I do around it. So here is what I think I need to do.

    1. Product research on a popular product that is selling big.
    2. Brand it with a catchy logo and good slogan.
    3. Make an easy to use, god looking website.
    4. Offer an amazing deal to affiliates to sell the product.

    So seems simple enough. What am I missing? Anything? Thanks for any ideas or criticism.

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    6: Beat CVS and Walgreen's prices by a wide margin, along with free shipping, to give people incentive to buy it online instead of taking a stroll around the corner to pick it up.
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    7. Find a market for your product, get traffic to your site and show a conversion to sales.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I definitely want to approach this from the perspective of an affiliate marketer.

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    8) Understand FTC and FDA claims regarding supplements
    9) Contact your attorney and make sure they get you product liability information from the manufacturer.
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    I don't have any faith is supplements, so I could never sell them. Good luck

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