Apologize if this has been asked already or there is a way and I just don't realize it. Is there any way I can filter out some merchants from being included in search results when I'm looking for individual product links?

Know I can filter results to include just those programs I belong to or include all. I'm not looking for a product at a particular merchant just at any of those smaller merchants. Search results at least in my experience seem to start with the large merchants and you have to go through thousands sometimes in order to find what you are looking to find. Only thing I can think of is if I knew of a specific product and searched for it but if I knew that I wouldn't have the problem. (least think results would return for a specific product)

Realize I can search for specific brand name, sku, merchant, etc. but is there any way to make a search for a product that's kind of specific but not exact product. For example a bear for a holiday but want it from one of the smaller merchants instead of large merchants. Hope I made sense.