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    This was originally told by Eddie Murphy so I'll clean it up a bit. It may be a bit old and it may be a familiar one to some of you but I love it....

    Here goes:

    A bear & a rabbit are taking a poop in the woods.

    The bear turns to the rabbit and asks, "do you have problems with poop sticking to your fur"?

    The rabbit says, "no, I don't".

    So the bear wipes himself with the rabbit.

    Matt Ranta
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    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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    Hilarious! I do seem to remember hearing that one before, but it's still good...


    <span class="gs_small"><font color="red">I built the site with the page that had the link to the merchant. I optimized it. It was my traffic that clicked the link, it was my link, and I'm the one who sold the product. So why are the PARASITES getting the commission?</font></span>

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    Oh man, I needed that!

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