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    GAN Needs Better Search Capabilities
    I signed up for the GAN network, but I have to say it is a real hassle navigating around. Seriously, can't the all-powerful Google--whose raison d'être is search--offer better search capabilities within GAN?

    An example:
    the CafePress affiliate program was announced previously in the ABW forums:

    However, when I am logged in to the GAN, looking for CafePress as a merchant, I cannot find it. I can specify that "All" merchants be listed, or "Available" merchants be listed, but a search for cafepress returns 0 results. If I manually scroll through the list of merchants, I still don't find cafepress in the "C" section. Have they changed their name or something?

    And how long does it take to get approved? I have seen some merchants state that the approval process can take weeks, depending upon the popularity and backlog for a program. Seriously?!?! Anybody have experience with the cafepress affiliate program?

    One final question: if you are rejected for a program, are you told, or just left hanging?
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    Here is a direct link to join their program. If this link return 0 results, please review your pending and declined list:

    We encourage all approvals take place within a few days. If you applied for a program and haven't heard back, please contact the email address listed in the advertiser's profile by clicking on their name in your pending list. You will receive an automated message when you have applied, are pending, approved or declined.

    Thank you,

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