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    Any Good 3 Way Link Exchange Services
    Just would like to know any good 3 way link exchange services apart from , link market?

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    Frankly, there aren't any good 3 way link exchange programs and services. Being honest, you should move on from the whole 'link exchange' method of increasing rankings and start to look at: guest blog posts, link baiting, one way links from your own network of secondary sites, press releases and more.

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    I don't think there are still any good link exchange services. Most were eradicated after several Panda updates. Instead of exchanging links, consider participating in forums and commenting in blogs. These can give you both traffic and links. Commenting in blogs within your niche also brings about guest posting which is a very good way of getting both backlink, traffic, AND publicity.

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    OK, I'll say this one more time, and I'll say it slowly:

    Forget... about... phony... backlinks... and... focus... on... quality... content...., if... you ... can't... create... quality... content..., then... perhaps... you... should... consider... outsourcing... or... a... different... source... of... income.

    Just like any other career path, affiliate marketing isn't for everyone. Just imagine if I decided I wanted to be a surgeon and went out and bought a scalpel and just started cutting in the hope that I would someday get it right. There are already enough hacks in this industry. Let's stop perpetuating the fallacy that backlinks are the key to success.

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