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    ABW Seems Better Now
    Just an observation from someone who has been away a lot over the past months. I see some good quality posts, civility, and posters that had been absent a while back.

    Had 2 hours to kill babysitting this morning and the little sweetie is still sleeping. So that gave me a chance to go through a lot of posts that I wouldn't have checked at home. Even learned or re-learned a couple of things. Hard to say since I seem to be learning the same things over and over.

    I've been taking the easy way out and working on other folks sites with Drupal. For me the pay has been more certain. I still have a foot in the affiliate door, but that G inside keeps pushing the door.

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    Lots of newbies finding ABW through organic search as we did some SEO updates to the forum. Trying to serve them as best as possible and realize that many don't have great English skills. Most spam doesn't make it to the public threads either. Trying to get back to helping those who what to get started or do better with AM. Thanks for the comment.

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    I haven't been posting for quite a while now, but I started to poke around the past couple days. Still not as many technical discussions as I'd like, but there were a couple.
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