Ran across a site a while back, really nice site for dads. Here is one of their top ten lists....

Top Ten Things A Dad Would Never Say

10. Sure, you can borrow my tools, just don't put them away when you're done.

9. I found the car gassed up again. How many times have I told you to leave it on empty when you return it?

8. Now you two have a good time and stay out as long as you want.

7. Come on, you can jump higher on your bed than that.

6. Hey, can you all talk a little louder? I'm on the phone!

5. You guys aren't going to bed already are you? Wouldn't you like to watch just one more video?

4. Did you ask your mom about that video? There better be a lot of blood in it.

3. Sure you can take all the kitchen knives up to your bedroom.

2. What have I told you about running with scissors? Always run with the points up.

1. Don't just share with your brother like that, scream and throw a fit when he asks to borrow something.

-The Family Man, www.familymanweb.com

Anyways, I thought it was pretty fun, took that quote off of the day calendar my wife bought for me from there.