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    Define Competition
    To Trust/Others,
    Can someone help me how google defines "competition" and the difference between global and local searches when doing a word search.

    scottsboys aka scott

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    Competition would be the amount of results it pulls along with how many people bid on the particular keywords.. IF im not mistaken.. its most likely a algorithm XD

    Global would be world wide and local would be lets say country specific.

    When using keyword tool use exact matches and also play around with negative keywords and positive keywords. or keywords to include and keywords to exclude.

    Scrapebox was pretty good at finding lots of keywords.. and then I would take the list it generated and put it into google keyword tool and see what kind of traffic it would get.

    Pricey tool but its worth it!

    And it does a whole lot more than just scrape keywords.. I would however .. not use it so much for making back links. But finding websites that are related to you so you can contact them for link opportunities.

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    I think "competition" would mean sites that are targeting the same keyword as you as well as individuals or companies bidding on the same target keywords as you.

    Global search would mean across other countries while local would mean within your country, particularly your local area/city. You would want to look at the global monthly searches when doing keyword research.

    I hope that helps. Have a good day!
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    Competition would be whoever is on the front page of the SERP's.

    Search Engine Results Pages

    allintitle: "keyword phrase" will return your direct competition for your targeted keyword phrase. Look under the Google Search Bar to see the # of SERP's who have you exact keyword phrase in they're page title. The lower the number the better.

    Next, you'll want to look at the quality of those links on the front page. Are they major sites? are the reputable sites? do you stand a chance at competing with the in the SEO war? If you're going to make any money at all, it's on the front page of the organic search results (they're are other methods)

    Then you want to check the whois for how old those sites are and then use another service to check how many backlinks they have.

    You can make a pretty good determination of your chances on reaching the front page of SERPs with this information.

    Happy niche hunting!

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