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    What's in a name?
    I own a domain name I think has good value. If not to me perhaps to someone else. I don't think I'm allowed to post the url, so ill try and explain the best I can. The domain is in the cell phone catagory. The keywords in the domain generate 100k+ unique searches on Google monthly. I own the plural version of the word (two words). The site has 24k Facebook fans. However, I never really developed the site.
    My question is, if I try to sell the do I determine its value? If I choose to develop it, what direction should I go in? I welcome any ideas or feedback.

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    This is where any affiliate marketing discussions go if there's not a better place for them! Webmasters Barter / Trade / Buy or Sell, Member to Member Requests, Suggestions & Problems
    Go ahead and list the domain if you are looking to sell it.

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    Would post it in the website review area or IC where the bots won't index it. Most domainers want a clean name with no baggage, which includes inbound forum links that may not be associated with it's future development/content. In other words, a cell phone domain shouldn't have inbound links from this forum...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    If the site has not been developed then you would base your price (if you were to sell it) on the traffic it brings in. You can check out the Midnight Cafe area here in the AbestWeb forums for more information. Or you can try Flippa, a popular website buy and sell.

    Just basing on the traffic, I would suggest you develop it. Hard to really give an opinion without knowing the actual URL but maybe turn it into a review site for cellphones?

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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    I would suggest Flippa, I used it once with success.

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    If your domain name is belonging to Cell phone category and it have that much amount of visits then i would like to suggest you that start your own ecommerce business in it. If you will get such visits in your ecommerce business then you will definitely make a huge profit from it.

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