Kim Salvino, of, recently won one of the most prestigious honors in the affiliate industry: the Pinnacle Awards. In this interview, she shares her advice for new affiliates, what's new at and more so please read on.

1. Can you explain the significance of the Pinnacle Award and what it means to affiliates?
The Pinnacle Awards recognize the best of the best in the industry, as evidenced by past winners. Angel Djambazov, Carolyn Tang - they are both amazingly talented affiliate managers I have learned from, looked up to and who truly care about moving the industry forward.

From Affiliate Summit's web site: "The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards are affiliate marketing's most prestigious, competitive honor for the leaders in the space. Award winners are recognized because they are innovative leaders with vision and influence."

I can't speak for affiliates, but I would hope it would be an indicator that the winner is very much committed to providing exceptional service to affiliates and is an active member of the affiliate marketing industry.

2. There seems to be transition between and Affiliate Window as some programs are changing platforms. How does this affect affiliates?
Our team of developers and technology enthusiasts have been hard at work since the acquisition to marry the best of both platforms. You will continue to see the migration of programs to Affiliate Window's new platform. Stay tuned for exciting news that will have a positive effect on our US publishers in the coming months. We've always taken great pride in being the first to pioneer the "open network' and the announcements to come will continue to demonstrate our commitment to encouraging relationship growth between affiliates and merchants.

3. Affiliate managers need help with trademark poaching by PPC affiliates. Is offering anything specific to combat this? What about fraud?
Affiliate managers need help with much more than trademark poaching. That's the tip of the iceberg. They would do well to research the tools and resources available to them in the industry and keep open lines of communication with their network, industry contacts and other affiliate managers. The more information that we share, the better off the industry will be as a whole. Affiliate Fairplay, headed by Kellie Stevens, Brand Verity, Kount-those are but a few of the contacts and tools I would recommend for policing.

4. Digital Window is always innovating, what is the latest with mobile?
In the UK, we're seeing new advertisers integrate m-commerce sites with affiliate tracking in place. In addition we've been compiling and promoting research on a monthly basis analyzing data and trends. Towards the end of last year we published a white paper delving into key areas of m-commerce and what the future holds.