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    Who's going to be the first comedian on late night TV to splice Condoleeza Rice's "...we didn't have time to harden the c0ckpits against that kind of an attack. You just can't do that much work in 3 months..." into something, uh, a little more vulgar?

    Jon Stewart is the favorite because of his show's format and the station he's on, odds are 4:3
    Jay Leno is next, odds are 3:1
    David Letterman is the long shot at 10:1 because his writers want audience interaction and giveaways.

    I disqualify Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, Carson, and Craig Kilborn just because their humor is almost a carbon copy of one of the first three.
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    Probably whoever has the highest viewership by politically-astute 12-year-old boys.


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    SNL with Janet Jackson
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